Your extra efforts are extremely valuable and contribute greatly to the success of our exceptional programs. It is with your help that we can create the finest educational environment in which students are able to perform at their very best. We ask all parents to commit to volunteer at some point throughout their child’s tenure with the Green Hope Band program. With your commitment comes a community of friendship and fun, a fair distribution of work for all, a cost savings for the program, and the knowledge that your efforts make a difference in the lives of all our children.

Art in Motion-Concessions

Art in Motion is THE biggest fundraiser of the year for the Green Hope Band Program! Your donations are greatly appreciated and help our students experience all the opportunities this program has to offer.

When selecting an item for donation, it's important that you give the exact brand and variety listed in the form below. We have printed menus to allow attendees to efficiently make their selection and keep the line moving quickly. The EXACT brand, quantity, and variety listed below are extremely important!

Do not bring items to the school! All items can be drop

Winterguard Bake Sale

We are continuing our fundraising by hosting a bake sale at Art In Motion (AIM) this year. The profits will benefit both of our teams so we want to get everyone to help participate. All members of the teams will take turns running the bake sale when you are not competing. Below are some ideas of what to bake (everything has to be homemade not store bought). I am including an other category where you can indicate options that were not on the list. We are open to your creativeness. Please indicate in the comments section the type (i.e. cookies: chocolate chip, peanut butter, etc). We would like to have everything delivered packaged in individual servings. If we all work together we can make this a great success.

Art in Motion-small appliances

To make concession sales successful, we need small electrics & supplies! If you have the ability to loan out an appliance, please sign-up here.

Bring anything for which you sign up TO THE SCHOOL on Friday, March 22 between 3pm - 6pm. Label anything with your name. You can pick up on Saturday, March 23 after 8pm.

Appliances should be brought clean & ready for use. Unfortunately, they will be returned dirty as we do not have facilities to wash dishes.

Art in Motion Volunteers

Art in Motion is the band program's largest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds from this event go to support all band programs including: Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Winter guard, Jazz Band, Concert Percussion, and Marching Percussion.

In order for this event to meet its full potential we need you!!!! The assistance of 100+ students and adults are essential to the success of this event. Please look at the list below and find one or more slots where you can assist on this very busy day.

Both students and adults are invited to use this sign up to pick their spots. Students please comment which group you are with (band, NHS, Key Club, etc....).

Thank you in advance for your willingness to support this very important event and our band programs

Art in Motion - Hospitality Room

We need items for the hospitality suite we offer to the Judges, Directors, and Coaches of our visiting units. We have gotten most of the food kindly donated from local restaurants and shops but we still need a few things. We especially need those wonderful handmade/baked items that our group makes and are always so tasty. If you could look at the list below and buy/bake/cook/assemble an item that would be awesome.


Art in Motion-Parking Lot Help

Art in Motion is a large event with lots of cars and trucks moving through the parking lots. In order to make sure everyone gets where they need to be safely we need a large number of adults to help us monitor and direct in the parking lots. While this may not be the most glamorous job it is one that is vital to our event. You will be able to be outside and enjoy the outdoors while providing a vital service for the band. I did hear there might be donuts and coffee for those willing to help us out.

Volunteering gives me a front row seat at practices, games, and competitions! I get to connect with the other band parents and get to know my daughter's friends. It's given me a new perspective on how successful teams operate - both behind the scenes and on the field. The Green Hope Band students are the hardest-working and most motivated teenagers one could ever meet. Give it a try... join us in supporting this amazing organization!

– Lani H., Band Mom